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Anzhe Zuo


Anzhe Zuo was born in China, where she began playing the piano at the age of four. Later she had the opportunity to learn the violoncello, which was a life changing decision for her, because she found her passion and has devoted herself to music since then. She has been recognised as a unique artist, not only as a cellist and pianist, but also as a composer, arranger and painter.


After receiving her bachelor’s degree in China, Anzhe decided to come to Europe and continue her studies in Zurich with Professor Orfeo Mandozzi at the Zurich University of the Arts, where she acquired master’s degrees in music performance and in music education. During this time she also took classes with Gavriel Lipkind, Martin Zeller and Yunxin Zhang. Apart from this, her activity in music festivals and master classes gave her the opportunity to work with renowned musicians such as David Geringas, Natalia Gutman, Wen Sinn Yang and Yehuda Hanani.


Anzhe regards having a broad knowledge of music as equally important as having a deep understanding of it. This is why she also studied baroque violoncello and viola da gamba with Martin Zeller; she is now studying composition with Professor Till Löffler, also at the Zurich University of the Arts. In addition, she continues to improve her piano playing under the guidance of Carl Wolf and is studying modern music with Martina Schucan.


As a soloist and chamber music player Anzhe performs regularly throughout Europe and China. She is also involved in projects of areas such as film music, electronic music and theatre performance. She is the cellist of the Askerov Trio and together with the guitarist Anders Miolin she forms the Amúr Duo. Anzhe won the second prize in the Fourth National ‘Aegean Cup’. Due to her excellent performance, she was chosen as the cello soloist in the background music production for the new national film project ‘Chen Shaomei – the greatest spirit of Chinese Fine Arts’. In 2016, she was a jury member in the international competition ‘New Stars’.


Also an abstract painter, she created her own system of synaesthesia to portray what she hears in music; as a composer she explores special ways of expressing herself as a cellist experiencing the multiculturalism aspects of a Chinese living in Europe.

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