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New Stars International Music Competition

Presented by Crescendo Music Festival

Artistic Director and Founder of  New Stars Competition - Dmitry Daniel Askerov


Founder of New Stars Competition - Itamar Rashkovsky

Executive Director - Jenny Joelson




The idea for the competition was conceived during Askerov’s and Rashkovsky’s participation in the 2013 Kloster Schoental International Violin Competition in Germany. Askerov and Rashkovsky were discussing some of the difficulties involved in international competitions. These included the financial risk (travel and accommodation), the lack of transparency in adjudication and many more.


This project seeks to fix these negative aspects in the following ways:


1. Being fully online, competitors don’t have to partake in such a large financial investment to travel just in order to participate.


2. Our commitment to transparency in adjudicating means that we aim to make his competition as apolitical as possible. All the voting of the core jury will be published and viewable to the public.


3. Being able to submit recordings also gives the competitors the opportunity to send a performance with which they are happy. Sometimes, especially in high pressure situations, it’s not always possible for musicians to perform how they planned. Now, participants have multiple shots to record themselves. This allows them to submit an application where they can play the way they truly want to.


4. Our mission is to promote young and new artists. Often, competitions aren't that beneficial to one's career; the prize money is disposable and the concert opportunities are limited. This project seeks to ameliorate this. Instead of offering prize money, this competition offers other prizes that are directly beneficial to the career and exposure of the artist. These prizes will include career management, consultancy, press releases, concerto opportunities and recital opportunities. Therefore, we hope to connect the young generation of talented artists to the current generation of professionals within the music industry.