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C r e s c e n d o   W i n t e r   M u s i c   F e s t i v a l  



   In the past few years, I have performed in Florida in the Orlando-Melbourne area numerous times. I have performed as a soloist with orchestra, gave solo recitals and chamber music concerts. last year, I felt privileged to give a masterclass. I saw that there was a big interest in music, people love and appreciate music. As It has come to my attention, there are not many music festivals in Florida and there are none in the area of Orlando and Melbourne so I felt that it would be a great chance to share music with the area. The future idea is to provide a music festival for string instruments in Florida and hopefully will continue as an international music festival welcoming all other instruments.


The festival will be divided into two parts: master classes with the teachers and evening faculty concerts with chamber music programs. In the last concert, the “Gala Concert”, all the students in the festival will play together with the faculty members as a small orchestra. I have invited talented international faculty from Asia, Europe and US that will teach in the morning, eight teachers in total: four for the violin , two for the viola and two for the cello. Every student will receive four lessons during the week and the students that will participate will be between the ages of 9 to 18. The students must have the experience of playing the instrument of at least a year and a half to two years. Each instructor will take part in 5 evening concerts of chamber music with contrasting programs throughout the week. I believe the festival will greatly contribute to music education and appreciation in this area.


The festival will take place during part of the winter break of grade school students: 

Dec. 28th – Jan. 2nd.


The festival reaches out to the young and old classical music lovers. I hope that this festival inspires the students and the community not only in the present but also for future generations to come.









Musical director

Dmitry Daniel Askerov

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