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Dmitry Askerov is a violinist known for his virtuoso repertoire, having recorded Paganini’s God save the King, and Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst’s Last Rose of Summer. He also composes his own cadenzas and variations on themes such as the Swiss National Anthem.

Even though he performs these works regularly, Askerov’s passion lies in delving into each composer’s work, playing all the pieces possible to be able to understand a composer fully. In each work the composer leaves a part of his life and Askerov enjoys exploring these lifespans.

Dmitry Askerov teaches with great enthusiasm and as a pedagogue he shares his vast knowledge of repertoire and technique with his students. During his musical career he has found many inspiring moments with fellow musicians, broadening his horizon by playing contemporary works as well as baroque violin and the viola. He was guided by Ilya Gringolts, Zakhar Bron, Ida Haendel, Ivry Gitlis, Shlomo Mintz, Leonidas Kavakos, John Holloway and Elena Mazor, among others. For many years Askerov organized his own music festival and masterclass in Florida and also assisted masterclasses of Gavriel Lipkind in the Netherlands.

Dmitry Askerov plays on a violin by Philipp Augustin made in 2018.

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